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Event Marketplace WordPress Theme

Meup is not only an event template but also a directory listing marketplace wordpress theme which will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. It allows you to make a marketplace platform to make profits by letting vendors submit their events on your site.

Furthermore, the theme has multiple features that are suitable for events, concerts, conferences, business, bookings, sport events and any business related to events. Our theme supports APP to scan QR Code on tickets which helps to eliminate pressure of registration process, allow to sell tickets online on the site and supports both virtual events and physical events.


To serve your demand to check the demo and publish event, we provide you with vendor accounts, user account

Vendor Account:

User/Pass: demo/demo

Customer Account:

User/Pass: customer/customer123


Video Install, Import Demo Data, Config Theme



Powerful Search Feature

Search tool is a crucial one that Meup provides to allow customers to filter events according to their own need.

The theme supplies 2 search forms:

– Quick Search Form with 3 custom Fields. Ex: Event Name, Category, Location… , depend on your need

– Advanced Search Form with various fields: Event Name, Category, Location, Venue, Price, Object, Event Duration, Start Date and End Date.

– Ajax search: The result can display with Map

Support both virtual and physical events

– With online events: vendors will provide links and passwords so that clients can log in online events on webinars (Zoom, Google Meeting).

– With offline events: vendors can set up a Seat Code List or Seat Map that lets customers choose their seats.

Vendor Functionality

If you want your event website to make profits from selling online tickets of other event organisers, This Functionality will help you to do that. With Meup, Vendor Feature is considered as the top notch one, compared to other event marketplace templates.

Before submitting events, vendors need to pick up a package installed by the admin.

The functionality enables vendors to create, submit events and track sales.

  • Setting events
    • Add basic information of events: Name, Category, tags and description
    • Vendors can set normal events or recurring events, ticket types,pricing plans, coupon, tax and map.
    • Add Videos, gallery for events to attract potential visitors.
    • Add booking cancellation policy
    • Add event calendar
  • Entering Profile:
    • Add Personal information
    • Add social networking site buttons
    • Add bank account information
  • Track sales
    • Vendor will know: sales, profit, the number of bookings, the number of tickets, the number of tickets checked in, sales reports according to year, month, time period…
    • Export Bookings and Tickets to CSV file.
  • Manage Wallet:
    • Choose Payout Method.
    • Vendor: Withdraw amount any time.
    • Management Withdrawal history


Check-in Functionality

Check-in Functionality of Meup is a perfect one for organisers to eliminate pressure of the event registration process.

The theme creates 2 check-in ways for vendors to select.

  • Check-in directly on the website. Vendors can easily find out information about any tickets when they enter several characters of the QR Code on tickets in search form.
  • Check-in App: Vendors will use the camera of the mobile phones installed the Check-in app to scan a QR Code of a particular ticket.

Various Dictionary Listing Detailed Page

List your events with different options:

  • Half Map
  • Boxed Page
  • Full Page
  • Type 1-2 columns
  • Type 1-3 columns
  • Type 2-2 columns
  • Type 2-3 columns
  • Type 4 Grid
  • Type 5 Grid

Event Calendar

When visitors look at the calendar, they will know the date the event takes place, so they can choose the suitable date. You can display the calendar according to days, weeks, months and list.

Online Ticket Booking

Clients will book tickets online by implementing some simple steps:

  • Pickup a particular date that the event is held on the booking calendar
  • Select ticket types and the number of tickets
  • Insert Discount Code.
  • Enter some personal information
  • Choose Payment Method: offline or via payment gateways that WooCommerce supports such as Paypal, Stripe, Payone
  • Complete payment in Checkout Form

Automatic Email Notifications:

– Confirmation Email: After finishing getting paid for tickets, An automatic email will be sent to customers email addresses, including information of orders and a PDF of ticket attached to QR Code that is used for the Registration process.

– Reminder Email: Some days before the event takes place, Customers will receive a Reminder Email.

The outstanding features

– Package: Let the admin setup packages for vendors to choose before they submit their events.

– Venue Feature: with this feature, organisers can create a new venue or choose an available venue.

– Manage Location: setup multiple states and cities

– Add Unlimited Event

– Create Manual booking per event: This is crucial when the admins want to add orders that customers book directly or via phone.

– Add unlimited custom fields in booking form

– Add/update Membership

– Full Elements in Home Page: support full elements of elementor in home page

– Cancel/Refund Booking: Customers can cancel their bookings when those bookings meet the requirement of Booking Cancellation Policy.

– Easily customize the template of the main features in the child theme.

– Manage payout: Manage payout history.

– Sales Report for admin: sales reports according to year, month, time period

– User Report for admin: the number of registered users according to year, month, time period

Global Features

– Free all plugins: You don’t need to buy any plugins. After installing, your site will be like our demo

– Update Unlimit Time

– GTMetrix: 96 Points

– 2 Predefined Homes

– Build content with Elementor Page Builder

– Build Header/Footer with Elementor Page Builder: You can Add/Update/Delete Elements in Header/Footer easily with Elementor.

– Multiples Custom Elements for Page Builder

– One click demo content

– Live Customize

– Change Typography easily in Customize

– Unlimited Color

– Wide & Boxed Layout

– Blog with Left/Right/No Sidebar

– Contact Form 7

– Multiple Font Icons Included

– Google Fonts

– Allow to use Custom Fonts

– SEO Optimized

– Browser compatible

– Speed Performance

– 1170px Grid System

– 24/7 Support

– Documentation Step by Step



Change Log

Version 1.4.6 – 27 June 2022

- Update Theme Version 1.4.6

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.4.6
+ Fix Search Map in php 8.x
+ Update style for Map

Version 1.4.5 – 20 May 2022

- Update Theme Version 1.4.5

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.4.5
+ Fix sort event in Half Map element
+ Fix apostrophe in custom checkout field.
+ Fix css sidebar for vendor page.
+ Fix css address map in mobile.

Version 1.4.4 – 23 April 2022

- Update Theme Version 1.4.4

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.4.4
+ Add System Fee
+ Add option use Km or Miles in Search Map Form.
+ Add: Display Custom taxonomy at sidebar in Event Detail.
+ Add some field for bank transfer payment.

+ Update theme compatibility PHP 8.0.x
+ Update compatibility wordpress latest version.
+ Update style in search form
+ Update: when the event has a ticket, click booking now button will go to Cart page.

+ Fix Seat Map when use FullScreen
+ Fix Calculate Withdraw 

Version 1.4.3 – 13 March 2022

- Update Theme Version 1.4.3

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.4.3
+ Fix Calculate commission of admin
+ Fix Assign Author for event

Version 1.4.2 – 25 February 2022

- Update Theme Version 1.4.2

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.4.2
+ Fix error session
+ Fix loading icon when scroll event page
+ Fix error when create venue with special character
+ Fix query search map
+ Fix search map in RLT language.

Version 1.4.1 – 27 January 2022

- Update Theme Version 1.4.1

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.4.1

+ Add filter (Name, Category) event in My Listing Page
+ Add search author name form  in listing author
+ Add Filter check package display publish for vendor
+ Add link to Half Map in “Location event” Element
+ Update CSS in half map when display 3 columns
+ Update Time zone in schema

Version 1.4.0 – 18 January 2022

- Update Theme Version 1.4.0

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.4.0
+ Add checkin_time field when export tickets
+ Add filter booking status seat map booked
+ Update: Event Category Element: Allow link to Half Map page
+ Fix create user while checkout
+ Fix schema

Version 1.3.9 – 11 January 2022

- Update Theme Version 1.3.9

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.3.9
+ Fix Seat Map in Version 1.3.8
+ Fix Schema
+ Fix Mail

Version 1.3.8 – 17 December 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.3.8

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.3.8
+ Improve UX in Cart form
+ Fix Autofill in Mobile when checkout event.
+ Fix Pagination listing in Author page
+ Improve code for displaying listing event in Author page

- Update Ova Login to version 1.1.7
+ Update code check Nextend Social Login plugin exist

Version 1.3.7 – 04 December 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.3.7

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.3.7
+ Add: Admin can assign any Event to any Vendor (Event Manager) Role.
+ Add: Allow export CSV some fiels: Total before tax, Total after tax, Profit, Commission, Tax
+ Add: Setting Vendor’s Profit included Tax (Yes/No). Check in Events >> Settings >> Tax & Profit tab

+ Update: Show display Total before tax, Total after tax, Profit, Commission, Tax in Manage Payout, Manage Booking.
+ Update: Upgrade FullCalendar Library to version 5.10.0
+ Update: Matching Checkout system between  theme and WooCommerce. Check more in documentation.

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin to version 1.1.6
+ Fix Blog Slider Elementor background

- Update Ova Login to version 1.1.6
+ Add shorcode of Nextend Social Login in Register Page

Version 1.3.6 – 16 November 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.3.6

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.3.6
+ Change Icon in Edit Ticket.
+ Fix display end date in event
+ Add hook allow calculate profit for Vendor.
+ Add Filter Show/hide Event Type (physical/online) when create event.

- Update Ova Login to version 1.1.5
+ Update some javascript

Version 1.3.5 – 01 October 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.3.5

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.3.5
+ Add filter show/hide Remaining Ticket Popup: el_show_ticket_remaining_popup
+ Add send Reset Password Mail when create user while checkout
+ Add Event Type (Online/Offline) in Search
+ Add: Allow search Ticket Number, Booking ID, Name Customer, Name Event in Backend ticket.
+ Update Schema for event

+ Fix Search Map Element
+ Fix color Wishlist active
+ Fix Time UI in Event Card template.
+ Fix UI Dropdown
+ Fix Duplicate Seat Code

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin to version 1.1.5
+ Change file name SCSS

Version 1.3.4 – 28 July 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.3.4
+ Update theme Compatibility WordPress 5.8

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.3.4
+ Update some code for fix RTL

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin to version 1.1.4
+ Update some code for fix RTL

- Update code Map Pro Plugin

Version 1.3.3 – 13 July 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.3.3

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.3.3
+ Fix WPML display ticket booked
+ Fix display notice error in REST API

Version 1.3.2 – 10 July 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.3.2

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.3.2s
+ Fix small error.

Version 1.3.1 – 01 July 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.3.1

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.3.1
+ Improve Code for Remaining Ticket in Schedule Time
+ Fix error javascript in Seat Map.

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin to version 1.1.3
+ Update Feature Element

Version 1.3.0 – 25 June 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.3.0

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.3.0
+ Fix Remaining Ticket with Seat Map

- Update Ovatheme Login Plugin to version 1.1.4
+ Improve Mail template after user register user successfully.

Version 1.2.9 – 23 June 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.2.9

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.2.9
+ Add new Card Event template (Type 6)
+ Add Schedule Time in Disable Date.
+ Add Unlimited Payout Method in Admin.
+ Display coupon code in per Ticket Type
+ Manage Ticket in special day.
+ Allow change Max ticket in special day.
+ Improve Searching.

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin to version 1.1.2
+ Import Element

Version 1.2.8 – 20 May 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.2.8

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.2.8
+ Add Schedule Time in Recuring Event
+ Add option: Booking before x minutes
+ Add Policy in Event Detail Page
+ Improve Cart Event
+ Add images in Event Description Section

+ Fix code from Elementor Version 2.8

Version 1.2.7 – 04 May 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.2.7

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.2.7
+ Add setting allow show/hide Remaining Ticket
+ Fix profit when cancel booking
+ Improve UX when vendor create event with empty fields.
+ Update Demo Data

Version 1.2.6 – 19 April 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.2.6
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.2.6
+ Fix Event Grid Element
+ Improve Code

Version 1.2.5 – 10 April 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.2.5

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.2.5

+ Add: Withdraw for vendor and Manage Payout for admin
+ Add: Display hierarchy category.
+ Add: Option Show Featured in Event Search Map.
+ Add: Show number tickets in Calendar.
+ Add Duplicate event for vendor

+ Update label Spanish in Calendar Setting

+ Improve: UX for displaying  payment method.

+ Fix: Discount change when click apply coupon multiple time.

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin to version 1.1.1
+ Fix Feature Element

Version 1.2.4 – 07 February 2021

- Update Theme Version 1.2.4

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.2.4
+ Add Terms and Condition in checkout form
+ Add: Allow customers to create an account during checkout
+ Fix 2 event the same position in Map Element
+ Fix WPML

- Update Ovatheme Login Plugin to version 1.1.3
+ Allow Override template in child theme

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin to version 1.1.0
+ Fix Header Top Page Element

Version 1.2.3 – 22 December 2020

- Update Theme Version 1.2.3

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.2.3
+ Fix Map Javscript in WordPress 5.6

Version 1.2.2 – 04 November 2020

- Update Theme Version 1.2.2
+ Fix footer in Location

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.2.2
+ Fix Select2 javascript for Dropdown Category
+ Fix Search Event with WPML Plugin
+ Update UX Cancel Booking
+ Update FontAwesome

- Update Ovatheme Login Plugin to version 1.1.2
+ Fix WPML
+ Update FontAwesome

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin to version 1.0.9
+ Update CSS

Version 1.2.1 – 17 October 2020

- Update Theme Version 1.2.1

- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.2.1
+ Fix some pages with WPML
+ Fix duplicate ticket in Register Free Event.
+ Fix allow store unicode when make ticket

Update Ova Login Version 1.1.1
+ Add option page setting

Version 1.2.0 – 07 September 2020

- Update Theme Version 1.2.0
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.2.0
+ Fix some javascript in wordpress 5.5

- Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.0.8
+ Fix instagram

Version 1.1.9 – 18 August 2020

- Update Theme Version 1.1.9
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.1.9
+ Fix error javascript
+ Fix searching for manual calendar.

Version 1.1.8

- Update Theme Version 1.1.8
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.1.8
- Add cron job allow update start date of event.
- Fix displaying Recurring Event.
- Improve Search Speed: You have to save all events again.
- Improve: Related Event only display in category of current event.
- Improve: PDF ticket allow customize easily.

Version 1.1.7

- Update Theme Version 1.1.7
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.1.7
+ Add Cancel Booking/Order Event
+ Add: Allow customize PDF ticket in child theme
+ Fix problem related to checkout in some php version.
+ Fix display in mobile of menu
+ Fix some other resovled

Version 1.1.6

- Update Theme Version 1.1.6
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.1.6
+ Add: embed link like: youtube, Soundcloud in Video url
+ Add: hook show/hide external link when make new ticket
+ Add: Time Zone in Event
+ Add: The vendor can see their event in application to check ticket.
+ Update: UX for wishlist when click heart icon
+ Update: language
+ Update: Menu account element
+ Fix: wrong footer in some pages of vendor
+ Fix: export Order
+ Fix: Change event title, the slug will change
+ Fix: WPML with some settings
+ Fix: Start time in Reminder Email
Update Ova Login Version 1.1.0
+ Update javascript and language file

Version 1.1.5

- Update Theme Version 1.1.5
+ Update some CSS
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.1.5
+ Add: Add button to allow to update ticket status in manage tickets
+ Add: Allow to find tickets by QR Code
+ Fix: Upgrade from users to vendors with default package.
+ Improve: UX in Booking Event
+ Update: Display thank you page when booking events successfully

Version 1.1.4

- Update Theme Version 1.1.4
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.1.4
+ Add: Check-in ticket via web
+ Add list all author in page: Make a page which has template like author in page attribute.
+ Add external link for events
+ Add hook to allow to use Mail System of plugin when making payments by WooCommerce. If you want to use Order Mail of woocommerce, you can add the code bellow to functions.php in child theme
add_filter( 'el_new_order_use_system_mail', function(){ return false; } );
+ Add hook to display default page in manage vendor
+ Add Link, Password, Other info per online ticket 
add_filter( 'el_manage_vendor_default_page', function(){ return 'listing'; } );
Other hook show/hide menu in manage vendor
apply_filters( 'el_manage_vendor_show_general', true );
apply_filters( 'el_manage_vendor_show_my_listing', true );
apply_filters( 'el_manage_vendor_show_create_event', true ) ;
apply_filters( 'el_manage_vendor_show_package', true );
apply_filters( 'el_manage_vendor_show_mybooking', true );
apply_filters( 'el_manage_vendor_show_wishlist', true );
+ Add filter: show past event when choose display features event.
apply_filters( 'el_show_past_in_feature', true );
+ Add event Attendance Mode in schema
+ Update membership report in General Tab at manage vendor
+ Improve behavior when clicking download button in manage event of vendor.
+ Fix fatal error when updating order status in backend Woocommerce 
Update Ova Login Version 1.0.9
+ Add option to allow to send emails when having a new account.
+ Add checkbox terms and conditions in register account.
- Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.0.7
+ Improve Menu Account element

Version 1.1.3

- Update Theme Version 1.1.3
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.1.3
+ Fix: Set default package when registering a new vendor.
+ Fix: Sale report in General Tab of Vendor
+ Fix: Some problems relate payment gateway. Add Hook to Allow show/hide fields in Billing Detail of WooCommerce.
+ Add: Option to allow show/hide create event button
Update Ova Login Version 1.0.8
- Add some words to language file

Version 1.1.2

- Update Theme Version 1.1.2
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.1.2
+ Add: Allow add private description to per ticket - the customer bought ticket to see
+ Add hook allow booking event when opening event
+ Add: Vendor can preview event
+ Add: Reminder email about start event
+ Add: You have to choose Product in WooCommerce for payment Package
+ Add: Hook to show/hide content in package at frontend
+ Update: Manage color in Customize
+ Fix: When deactivate WooCommerce
- Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.0.6
+ Fix color setting in Step Plan element

Version 1.1.1

- Update Theme Version 1.1.1
+ Update author image in comment
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.1.1
+ Add: add option for Event Name Slider element
+ Add: add hook allow to require address, phone in booking form
+ Add: Export custom field checkout in Manage Booking, Tickets
+ Add: Mail template
+ Fix: upload image for user
+ Fix: fix some CSS
+ Fix: fix quantity when booking package
+ Fix: change some words in APP
+ Fix: check permission create event 
+ Fix: Display Custom Taxonomy for Vendor when make event
+ Update: Comment image get from profile
+ Update: Display UX of custom taxonomy at frontend
Update Ova Login Version 1.0.7
+ Add some hooks for developer
+ Add Mail template for new event, new vendor 

Version 1.1.0

- Update Theme Version 1.1.0
+ Fix auto translate Header, Footer when use WPML plugin.
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.1.0
+ Add: Unlimit Custom Field in booking form
+ Add: Unlimit Custom taxonomy for event and filter in search form
+ Admin can manage any event: Sales, Bookings, Tickets like vendor
+ Add: Allow user upgrade to vendor and downgrade to user account
+ Add: Report spam event to admin, vendor
+ Admin can edit membership
+ Add button for gallery banner
+ Improve feature and UX Package in vendor
+ Fix process payment via Woo in PHP 7.3
+ Fix add review, comment when new event created
+ Update translate some words
- Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.0.5
+ Fix background size in “Heading Top Page” Element

Version 1.0.9

- Update Theme Version 1.0.9
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.0.9
+ Add Name Customer in Mail Booking.
+ Add hook allow display Completed, Pending in Manage booking admin
+ Allow Admin change Package Plan per Event.
+ Add Email confirm field in Booking Event and Register User
+ Add WhatsApp in share event
+ Add: Auto update info booking when user logged.
+ Add: Option User have to login to booking event.
+ Fix when mail content is empty for sending email.
+ Fix problem send ticket to Vendor, Customer when booking via Woocommerce payment gateway.
+ Fix display event listing in Vendor
+ Fix problem make booking, send mail when use payment gateway in WooCommerce.
+ Fix style in browser IE 11
+ Fix autocompleted in chrome browser
+ Fix 2 customer with booking a seat at the same time.
+ Fix value of end date when save Auto Calendar at frontend.
+ Fix doesn’t save seat code in ticket when booking seat map
+ Fix display number ticket of seat map at manage event of vendor.
+ Update Sort Order in All Cities
+ Update default image author
+ Update text allow translate with loco translate plugin.
+ Update Add Membership
+ Update display Free text when price = 0
+ Update Documentation
- Update Login Plugin to version 1.0.6
+ Add auto filter password when register new user
- Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.0.4
+ Fix style in browser IE 11

Version 1.0.8

- Update Theme Version 1.0.8
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.0.8
+ Add: Create Booking, Ticket in Admin
+ Update: add settings for Event Grid and Slider Elements
+ Fix: Display Date in Listing, Detail Event.
+ Fix: Display Price in Cart for some cases.
+ Fix: Calculate Seat booked
- Update Login Plugin to version 1.0.5
+ Optimize some code
+ Add Filter Hook to show/hide Vendor, User (input radio) in Register Form
+ Add Filter Hook allow active account via email 

Version 1.0.7

- Update Theme Version 1.0.7
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.0.7
+ Add Routing Number for bank account, Stripe Account, PayPal Account in Vendor’s Profile
+ Allow change info of vendor, user in Admin
+ Add option width, height for event category element.
+ Add: Crop image for Gallery
+ Add background image for archive, category event.
+ Fix error in schema when doesn’t make ticket type in single event.
+ Fix share event in facebook not image
+ Fix error when ID calendar is large
+ Update some CSS 
- Update Ovatheme Framework to version 1.0.3
+ Update header top background element

Version 1.0.6

- Update Theme Version 1.0.6
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.0.6
+ Fix problem scroll when choose category on search form in some version of safari
+ Fix some warrings
+ Fix display html when switch language in WPML
+ Update some words in plugin
- Update Login Plugin to version 1.0.4
+ Fix problem redirect page after login successfully

Version 1.0.5

- Update Theme Version 1.0.5
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.0.5
+ Add: Report Sales per Event
+ Add: Allow choose End Date in when make Calendar Manual
+ Add: Report Users, Vendors register at any time
+ Add: Option date format
+ Fix Seat map in mobile
+ Fix display price in Seat Map
+ Update Hide SKU when make new event
- Update Login Plugin to version 1.0.3
+ Add forGot Password Page

Version 1.0.4

- Add App Code and .apk for installing in android
- Update theme to version 1.0.4
+ Update: change color in Customize
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.0.4
+ Add: Report Sales for Admin/Vendor
+ Add: Allow to make Seat Map. Only support make seat map shortcode in backend.
+ Add: Allow to Add Blocked Day in Recurring Event
+ Add: Allow to add username to scan QR Code in App Mobile
+ Add: Ticket Status in backend
+ Add: Add Address field to booking form
+ Add: Make API code for app
+ Fix: Some problem related to other payment in WooCommerce
+ Fix: Event Slider Elementor
+ Fix: small error in Ajax search page
+ Fix: comment event
+ Fix: Payment by Offline booking
+ Fix: Error javascript in Discount when booking
+ Fix problem display date
+ Fix problem relate package time
- Update Login Plugin to version 1.0.2
+ Add: send mail when register new vendor/user

Version 1.0.3

- Update theme to version 1.0.3
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.0.3
+ Add option allow to selling ticket at frontend.
+ Add option allow to send mail to admin after a new event created.
+ Show Purchased icon in comment when the customer booked that event.
+ Fix fatal error when active plugin in some host
+ Fix calendar disable when ticket available in some case
+ Fix author page when empty event

Version 1.0.2

- Update theme to version 1.0.2
+ Fix problem override color in plugin
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.0.2
+ Add Username in Manage Membership backend
+ Add display Read More content at frontend
+ Fix problem translate text in theme, plugin
+ Fix Latitude, Longitude Map default in setting
+ Fix auto display date with your language
+ Fix displaying event when the vendor make new event
+ Fix display style in payment gateway 
+ Fix add new event when Package is No
- Update Ovatheme Framework to version 1.0.2
+ Fix problem conflict with Elementor Pro
- Update Ovatheme Login Plugin to version 1.0.1
+ Update Registration Form
+ Add 2 user type: User, Vendor

Version 1.0.1

- Update theme to version 1.0.1
+ Update version in style.css line 4
- Update Event List Plugin to version 1.0.1
+ Improve Style Calendar, Vendor Management in Mobile
+ Add options: Show/Hide Time at frontend
+ Add options: Allow add extension File to your server
+ Add options: Event Slideshow Elementor
- Update Ovatheme Framework to version 1.0.1
+ Add options: Blog Slider Elementor

Release Version 1.0

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